Ladakhi Childrens Schooling Project



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Lamdon School was established by the Lamdon Society, a volunteer organization, in 1973. The main aim is to provide equal education opportunity facilities to all children, particularly to poorer ones, through modern educational practices. At the same time, the school helps the students to appreciate their own culture and its values. All students study three languages: Ladakhi, Hindi and English.

In addition to its main campus in Leh with 2000 students, the Lamdon School has seven branch schools throughout Ladakh. Nine of our sponsored children attend the principal school in Leh while two others attend the branch school in Shey.

The Lamdon School system has three principal objectives:

  • To provide a well rounded education to the poor and underprivileged children of rural Ladakh
  • To teach computer and other vocational skills to its students
  • To preserve Ladakhi art, culture and language through service camps, workshops and seminars.

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