Ladakhi Childrens Schooling Project
The Ladakhi Children’s Schooling Project was organized in August, 2007 to provide educational resource scholarships: tuition, fees, housing and meals, books and supplies for children in K-12 schools from subsistence farming families in rural Ladakh, India. 

This project grew out of a dream of our Ladakhi guide and friend, Kunga Dorje. Kunga was the first of his village of 65 inhabitants to go to college. His dream was to provide an educational opportunity for children of his village of Khatpoo. It was from this dream of Kunga's that a project was created to provide education to children from Khatpoo and to similar other children from remote areas of Ladakh. Since that time, the Project has provided post-secondary support to several students from Ladakh, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

It was an honor to experience the wonderful kindness of the people of Ladakh and it is with much gratitude for the many gifts of the Ladakhi people that we return a small portion of what they have given in the support of their children.


An enthusiastic student asks his teacher: "Master, what can I do to help all the suffering beings in this world?" The teacher answers: "Indeed, what can you do?" Story from the Bodhisattva