Ladakhi Childrens Schooling Project
The Students


College Students

Kham Hieng is finishing his high school education and starting his community college degree in tourism and Japanese in Luang Prabang, Laos. He continues to work fulltime in a hotel to support himself.

Mustafa Kayar is a second year radiology technology student studying in Isparta, Turkey. He begins his practicum this coming summer. He completed his school work in Diyarbakir.

Phiew Simmalavong has completed his community college degree in tourism in Luang Prabang, Laos while working as a waiter and has transferred in 2014 to Vientiane, Laos to complete his university studies.

Sayed Saber Shah Hashmemi is an Afghan student completing his B.S. in Business in Ahmedabad, India

Mushtaque Giri  from Leh, Ladakh, after attending Spring School (ESL) and the Community College of Denver, has returned to Dehradun, India where he has successfully completed his first year of study in the physical education teacher curriculum at the Maharana Pratap Sports College.

Raju Rathod  from a rural village in Karnataka, India, has completed his two year degree in animation in Hubli, Karnataka. Robert first met him as a room boy in Goa. We have supported his studies through 12th standard and his continued collegiate studies.

Dao Thongkham was accepted by the Foundation in 2014.  He is a third year law student at the National University in Luang Prabang, Laos. He also works in a bakery to assist in his expenses.
Harun Bakla has completed his third year  as amedical student at Gaziantep University, Turkey, His family is from Sirnak. During 2014, he was awarded a summer internship scholarship from the Foundation of International Medical Students. His internship will be at a hospital in Israel.


High School Students

Eight of our sponsored children attend the principal school in Leh while two others attend  the branch school in Shey.


Tsering Stopgais  has just completed during the spring of 2014 the competitive entrance examination for 11th Standard. His English fluency is great. He loves sports, especially soccer, and is an emerging artist. He is a lively personality with lots of energy. He recently received a silver medal in a half marathon in Ladakh.

Nilza Nilza Angmo is now in 9th Standard. She excels in the Ladakhi language, Bhoti and does well in Math. She works as a hostel assistant and watches over the younger children from Khatpoo.
Stanzin Norfail is also in 9th Standard. As a good Ladakhi from Muglah, he enjoys ice skating and ice hockey, His favorite subjects are Bhoti and Math.


Middle School Students

Skalsang Chosdon attends the Lamdon School in Shey, about twenty miles outside of Leh where she is now in 8th Grade. She will transfer next year to the Lamdon School in Leh. She performs well in all subjects but excels in Bhoti, Social Sciences and Computer. She also enjoys music, dance and theater.

Stanzin Norzom, now in 7th Grade at the Lamdon School in Shey, is from Rubsho. She is a hard worker in her studies. Drama, dance and music are her favorite subjects.


Primary School Students

Chozin Angmo, is now in 5th Grade. She is always among the top students in her class with a straight A average. Her teachers comment on the great efforts she makes in classes.

Kanisha Anandkumar Chauhan was accepted by the foundation in 2014. She is studying 6th Standard in Ahmedabad.

Padma Deadon, from Khatpoo is now in the 4th Grade. She lives in the hostel where she shares her room with nine other students. Her teachers say that she is a good student excelling in Science. .

Tsewang Yangdol, now in the 3rd grade also,  is from Changthang . She likes to draw and color. She is quiet and shy in class but does her work well, among the top students in her class. She is strongest in her  languages, Bhoti, English,and Hindi.

Stanzin Phuntsog, now in 3rd Grade, is a good student performing well in English and Drawing. He likes “Angry Birds”.

Parth Anandkumar Chauhan was accepted by the Foundation in 2014. He is in 3rd Grade in Ahmedabad.

Rinchen Dolkar, from the Pangon Lake area bordering China, is our youngest student, now in 2nd Grade. We co-support her with assistance from the Noseda family and Ms. Bruna Moro from Italy.


The Ladakhi Children’s Schooling Project is very proud of the hard work and achievement of its sponsored students.